How My Parents Discipled Me

How my Parents Discipled Me |

Parenting isn’t always easy…there is just so much you have to do for your child, and I don’t mean just taking care of them. I mean raising them to know right and wrong, forgiveness, obedience, honor, love, truth, sharing, and much more. It isn’t a easy responsibility, but a command from the Lord. “Therefore shall […]

Radialloy, A Christian Sci-Fi for Teens

Radialloy, a Christian Sci-Fi for Teens |

I have never read a Sci-Fi book.  It is true, I have never read a science fiction before, in my life…until I read the book, Radialloy, by J. Grace Pennington. The book changed me. I am now dying to read Pennington’s newer works, in her Firmament series. I never knew it would be possible to […]

A List of Books Young Christian Girls Should Read

A list of books young Christian girls should read |

Being a Christian girl once myself, I know how hard it can be in the modern time, where beautiful is defined only on the outward appearance, versus on the heart. It isn’t easy. It was hard for me growing up, fighting myself with my own lack of confidence in how I looked and felt, and […]

The Book Traveler: China Study

Book Traveler: China - A Passport to exploring the world by book & activity |

When I was homeschooling, I used to love learning about new places, like China or Africa. It always fascinated me how other people, in different countries and continents, lived so much different than I did. The food they would eat. The clothes they would wear. The homes that they lived in. The games that the […]

What Chores Taught Me

What chores taught me |

A lot of people look at chores, or responsibilities, in different ways. My parents, though, saw them as training. At a period of time, I saw them as torture…okay, that might be a harsh word, but at times it did feel that way… and meaningless, but that was then. Now, I see chores in a […]

Little House on the Prairie Books & Activities

Little House on the Prairie Books & Activities |

As a girl, I went through a Little House on the Prairie obsession. Okay, I might still have a soft spot for the Little House classics. I am pretty sure that most little girls still have that infatuation of Laura Ingalls Wilder. A pioneer girl, who lived so differently from us, but yet, was the […]

A List of Books Young Christian Boys Should Read

A List of Books Young Christian Boys Should Read |

Raising children is no small feat. What brings that up another notch is raising children for Christ! Not only are you doing the basics of parenting (feeding, clothing, nurturing, etc.), you are also working on their hearts. You are teaching them how to love, as Christ loved. You try your best to teach them the […]

How to Teach Children about Christ and Celebrate Easter

How to Teach Children about Christ and Celebrate Easter |

I am very fortunate to have parents who make it their priority to teach me the ways of the Lord, and have taught me about the life my Savior lived, here on earth. It was one job that they knew they needed to do, because it is stated in the Bible, for instance, Proverbs 22:6: […]

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