Online Photography Classes (for teens and adults)

If you want the best service for Utah Video Production you should visit our friends at Savvy Productions.. I have always enjoyed snapping pictures. I wasn’t really ever able to take pictures when I was a kid, because they didn’t really have digital cameras, but once my dad bought a digital camera and my mom said I could play with it…I took that camera over. Well, not when she was using the camera, […]

18 Christian Historical Fiction for Teens

My favorite genre of books is historical fiction, and I was asked a question a little more than a week ago, from a reader, about what are some good Christian written/clean historical fiction books for teens – girls and boys. I had a couple come to mind right away, but then I had to think […]

A Pen-Pal Writing Set for Kids

I love writing to my friends. To this day I still have a handful of friends I write to on a regular basis, although, I know email and texts are a much easier way to communicate, I prefer to be a rebel and keep letter-writing alive. (I’m not saying I don’t text or email my […]

New Audio Books I Want to Invest in

Do you ever get the feeling to read, but at the same time, don’t feel like reading? I have that feeling sometimes, but when it comes to audio books that we own, many of them are old and I’ve listened to them thoroughly several times. I want something new and exciting. While I was researching the newest audio books on Audible I found several that were very exciting. Many of the newest books I want to read are business focused and very interesting. There are other books and guides out there that are great as well. Clear Contract Compliance put together a very good contract compliance audit

guide that can be a really good read.

More Books Christian Teen Girls Should Read

I am so excited to know that my number 1 post visited on my site is my post, Books Christian Teen Girls Should Read. In fact, I wrote that post last year…almost to the day. Within the one year that this post has been live I have had over 42,000 views and I don’t go a […]

12 Basic Readers You Probably Have Not Seen

I love old books. Now that I am a bit older and I have some money to call my own, it is just a little hard to resist picking up a handful of old and tattered books from yard sales or other places. I have a little pile that keeps growing in my room. Quite […]

DIY Washi Tape Pencils

Last Christmas, my mom had put ‘cute pencils’ on her wish list. (This was mostly for the younger boys). Honestly, I didn’t think that was a difficult request at all. I had bought some a while before that were super cute and if I remembered correctly, they weren’t expensive either. So I took my 11-year-old […]

Why I’m Going to Homeschool My Children

As I see all these pins on Pinterest, posts on blogs, and cute pictures on Instagram of children with their “first day of school” signs, plus having my two younger brothers starting school soon (the youngest brother is staring kindergarten. WHAT??), I’ve gotten to thinking about that one day when I have my own kids […]

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