DIY Washi Tape Pencils

DIY Washi Tape Pencils - Simple, easy, and fun instructions |

Last Christmas, my mom had put ‘cute pencils’ on her wish list. (This was mostly for the younger boys). Honestly, I didn’t think that was a difficult request at all. I had bought some a while before that were super cute and if I remembered correctly, they weren’t expensive either. So I took my 11-year-old […]

Why I’m Going to Homeschool My Children

Why I'm Going to Homeschool My Kids - written by a 20-year-old homeschool graduate |

As I see all these pins on Pinterest, posts on blogs, and cute pictures on Instagram of children with their “first day of school” signs, plus having my two younger brothers starting school soon (the youngest brother is staring kindergarten. WHAT??), I’ve gotten to thinking about that one day when I have my own kids […]

A List of Christian Adventure Books

A List of Christian Books for the Adventurer |

I may be a girl, but I sure do love a book with adventure it in. I mean, where is the thrill if it didn’t have adventure? Documentary books drain the life right out of me and therefore I don’t often learn all that much, but give me a historical fiction and I am sucked […]

Audio Books for Girls

Audiobooks...for girls, for whenever your daughter doesn't want to read |

As a little girl, I would read and read. Book after book. Pile after pile. But no matter how much I would read, I wanted more. But alas, I can’t read all the time, so my mom introduced me to audiobooks. (THANK YOU, MOM!) She introduced these wonderful things that read the book to YOU. […]

Back to School Books for Preschoolers

This is a great list! Will definitely get the kiddo ready and excited for school. :) |

It is getting very close to that time of year when your kiddos head out the door (or in our case, get our books and head downstairs) for the first day of school. Some of you, I’m sure, have a kid starting their first “official” year of school, right? My youngest brother will be starting […]

Inspirational Reads for Young Girls

Inspirational Reads for Young Girls (and their mothers) |

A couple of my girlfriends and I were discussing mother-daughter relationships in literature one time, and we pointed out how books don’t really show what a good mother-daughter relationship looks like.  Books basically have two kind of relationships. A really tense, cut-the-air-with-a-knife kind of relationship, or a don’t-let-go-I-love-you sort of relationship. Although the first relationship […]

20 Things about a Bibliophile

20 Things about a bibliophile |

Warning: This isn’t my normal writing…proceed at your own will. Hello, my name is Cassondra Freeman. I am a bibliophile. I’m an addict of books and I cannot, and will not, give up this addiction. (Not unless I become blind). I noticed my addiction when I was a little girl, probably around the age of […]

Build Your OWN Bundle

  The “Build Your Bundle” – Homeschool Edition sale is here!For one week only (July 21-28) save up to 92% on bestselling homeschooling products, including MANY from Cathy Duffy’s Top 100 list! Take a look at the bundles:  Charlotte Mason BundleThis bundle features complete curriculum using the Charlotte Mason Methods for language arts, handwriting, and […]

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